Deliverable 1 – Management of Information Systems, management homework help

Deliverable 1 – Management of Information Systems


This deliverable will assess your ability to examine the
role of information systems within organizations, management, and network


To complete this deliverable, fulfill the following
instructions for each part:

Part 1 – Information Systems Diagram

1.Download and read the Nozama Information Sheet

2.Create a diagram that shows the various roles of
Information Systems in organizations, such as Nozama a.State the roles within
the system

b.Place each system in the correct position in the diagram

3.Present the diagram in way that is appropriate to the

Part 2 – Rationale of Information Systems

1.Write a 1-2 page documents that explains the ways in which
an Information System can support Nozama’s business functions a.Identify the
business purpose and function of the Information System in the organization

2.Present the document in a way that is appropriate to the

3.Sources, if used, are cited appropriately

Please review the attached document

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