Draft paper about AMAZON GO

Draft an IMC plan for your product/service using selected elements from the attached IMC plan template. Do not spend any time on personas. Pay attention to the areas required in the attached rubric and for your Final Project as listed below.

Draft IMC Plan using selected elements from the IMC Plan Template
Situation Analysis and Summary
Vision, Mission and/or SWOT Analysis
Product or Service Recommendation for your Company
Detailed Target Market Description (demographics of target audience)
Communications Objectives
Proposed Media Plan and Budget
Media Plan Calendar
Draft ad copy with headline, body copy and visuals for layout
Draft press release and media “pitch” — what’s the hook
Draft social media posts

You can find attached rubric and extra information about the draft paper( executive summary, media rationale, media budget). Pls read the rubric carefully.
You can use this slide to have some good ideas for campaigns https://www.slideshare.net/ViktorTorbjrnsen/amazon…

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