Final Project – Part II: Immigration in Mexico and Canada, writing homework help

Final Project – Part II: Immigration in Mexico and Canada

Mexico and Canada have their own policies when it comes to immigration. For the second part of the G8 Summit Final Project, you will explore the immigration policies of Mexico and Canada. Although Canada has fewer citizens than the U.S., why do you think they only have 100,000 or so immigrants? Mexico calls for the U.S. to allow their citizens to stay in the U.S. legally, but what does Mexico do when citizens from other countries cross their borders?

Immigration is a topic of concern for many countries. As we discussed in the previous unit, every new unit will investigate an important issue for the region we are studying as a contributing piece for the G8 Summit … the final project.

Research immigration policy in Mexico and Canda. Use the following keywords to locate articles in an online search engine:

  • Mexico immigration policy news
  • Canada immigration policy news

Now that you understand a little bit more about the immigration policies of these countries, your task is to help create a POLICY BRIEFING in preparation for the upcoming G8 Summit that we discussed previously.

Your policy briefing should contain the following information for each country:

  1. Brief summary of the immigration policy
  2. Response to immigrants – how many immigrants do they allow per year?
  3. Response to illegal immigrants – how many illegal immigrants are there? What is the penalty for illegal immigrants?
  4. What points of their immigration policy work well?
  5. What points of their immigration policy do not work well?
  6. Are there any pieces of the policy that the U.S. or other countries should consider adopting?

This policy briefing should be delivered as either a report or a presentation. If you choose to deliver it as a report, it should be 2 to 3 pages long, using headings throughout the paper to help organize your notes and analysis. You may use bullet points. Cite your sources.

If you choose to deliver your briefing in the form of a presentation, you will use the following rubric.

Please submit your policy briefing to the Final Project – Part II: Immigration in Mexico and Canada assignment link for grading. Please cite all of your sources.

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