Professional Nursing Paper

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Professional Nursing Paper

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APA7. The purpose of this paper is to allow students to reflect on personal and professional experiences that will influence their professional nursing practice. Considering ethical issues that may arise during patient care, demonstrating the ability to apply learning to complex problems and challenges Describing nursing characteristics and ethical values that will continue to shape you as a nurse, which will also drive the path future nursing experiences. Incorporating all topics that have been discussed in previous weeks including patient safety, communication, leadership, ethical and legal obligations that has a significant impact on the performance of a professional nurse. • ? Introduction- Provide the purpose of the paper and a succinct summary of what the paper will explore. • ? Describe what it means to you to think as a nurse (from a patient-centered perspective). Find at least 1-2 pieces of supporting evidence from nursing literature that support your statements/ideas. • ? Identify a concept/experience that has occurred in your life, which has impacted you the most thus far. This could be a personal experience or a nursing-related experience, whatever you have found to be influential in selecting the path of a nursing career. Explain how this concept/experience informed your ability to understand patient-centered and the patient’s perspective. • ? Compare & Contrast: Based on the experience described above, identify the ethical approach that aligns with your perceptions of nursing (deontological versus utilitarian). Defend your position with information from the course materials. • ? Describe 3 characteristics that you consider essential to being an effective nurse in alignment with the ethical approach you selected. Provide an example for each of how the nurse would exhibit these characteristics. • ? Summary/Conclusion- Summarize the concepts presented in your paper.

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