psychology short answer questions

Total three questions, please write as detailed as possible. Total word count at least 550.

Please check attached file for definition of key concepts, might helpful in answer these questions.

Q1. If a research interested in attention skills claims that a walk through the park three times a week boosts performance on a cognitive test of attention, what kind of claim is being made? Please explain what you might want to know about a) Internal validity of the research, b) external validity of the research.



Q2. Pretend you are a member of an Institutional Review Board and you are asked to evaluate a study that involves very shy children aged 8-12 and social anxiety. The children in this study will be put in a surprise situation in the lab in which they find themselves alone in front of a group of strangers for about 5 minutes. Their electrophysiological responses and heart rate will be monitored before and after this situation which is thought to cause mild to moderate anxiety. What ethical concerns might you have. Please answer with respect to the principles of a) Beneficence, b) Respect for Persons, and c) Justice. Raise at least one question or comment for each of the principles.




Q3. Please examine one bias or vulnerability of so called ‘everyday thinking’ touched on in the text and explain how systematic research can help reduce this bias.

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