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An essay about the USA borders and immigration and how does immigrants have changed the USA she asked us to choose a topic that is related to borders and we should have a research question at the beganning that have lead me to choose my topic , I chose to talk about how borders and immigrants have improved the country’s (USA) economy in many ways including people who come to study in the recent years. Moreover, this essay as you know is sources essay it most be five sources: 3 articles that related to borders and US economy – 1 podcast and one E-BOOK with MLA citations

also I found this article I don’t know if it works you can find something else if you want…

I will upload everything that the prof gave us

here are the prof directions:

PURPOSE: You can think of your source essay as a documentation of the research process you will use in future courses (and for life!). It will also serve as a kind of proposal for the research and ideas you will incorporate into the final paper for this course, the public essay. In order to form an understanding of the current conversation around your public essay, this annotated bibliography will act as proof of your research and readings and allow you to organize that research. It will also help you form your own position for the public essay as well as allow you to become conversant in current discussions about your topic.

DIRECTIONS: A bibliography makes a list of all the significant and relevant works you have consulted during the process of your research. An annotated bibliography also includes annotations that explain the significance of each source to your research. This is different from a Works Cited list, which lists the works that you end up actually making reference to in your essay.

This assignment begins by forming a strong research question that can be answered by doing online and library research. For this annotated bibliography, you will make reference to 5 sources that help answer this question, including at least one book chapter, one op-ed (or comparable published opinion piece), and one podcast. The sources you choose to include in your final annotated bibliography should each offer a unique perspective on the issues at stake in your research question that when put together offer a balanced and full conversation. In addition to a proper citation for each source, your bibliography will include an annotation of the source that is approximately 100-150 words. In a cohesive and concise paragraph, this annotation of each source will include:

  • A brief description of the contents – overview and outline of specifics. What is the main argument or information conveyed? What evidence does it use to make its argument?
  • A concise evaluation of the resource as it pertained to your research question and your own understanding of that question. What does the source contribute to the conversation surrounding your topic? Why do you think it is important for your research?

Your bibliography and each entry should be properly formatted in MLA style.

EVALUATION: Concise communication enables a wealth of material and ideas to be conveyed in a small space; therefore, an excellent annotated bibliography will not only be thorough and concise but also insightful. I will be looking at the way you argue for how your sources work together towards a full representation of the issues at stake in your research question—the bibliography should be cohesive—and whether or not you have found suitable sources. Just as important as your ability to summarize these sources, you must also demonstrate the ability to evaluate these sources and explain both the difference between each source and how they work together.

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