They are combinations of times, during the cold war, civil rights, Vietnam war and Reagan ending war, history homework help

Beginnings of the Cold War: Discuss the origins of the Cold War with a focus on the events between
1945-1950 that increased suspicion and tension between the United States and the Soviet Union and led
to the development of the US policy of containment. What actions were taken by the United States
during this time in an effort to contain the spread of communism? How did the cold war conflict
between the US and Soviet Union affect life in 1950s America? Discuss the Red Scare, McCarthyism and
US anti-communist hysteria. Additionally, explain how the US prepared for the feared nuclear war
between the US and the Soviet Union.

Desegregation, Integration, Civil Rights and Non-Violent Protest: How did Brown v. Board of Education
lead to the reversal of Plessey v. Ferguson and what reasons were given for overturning “separate but
equal”? How did elected officials in the south respond to the federal government’s orders to integrate
public schools? Provide specific examples of challenges to desegregation and explain how the federal
government became involved in the process. After Brown v. Board of Ed., how did Civil Rights leaders
use non-violent direct action to challenge segregation policies? Provide specific examples. How did the
federal government respond to the demands of the Civil Rights movement and was the civil rights
movement successful? Why or why not?

US involvement in Vietnam and Anti-War Activism: How did the US gradually become involved in
Vietnam between 1946-63 and for what reason(s) or purpose? Explain the specific events in 1964 that
led to an escalation of US involvement in Vietnam and the “Americanization” of the war effort.
Although early on much of the American public supported the war, what events led to a change in
opinion by the American public? How did individuals or groups in the United States respond to
increased US involvement in Vietnam, especially after 1968? Discuss “vietnamization” and explain how
US involvement in Vietnam ended.

Reagan Revolution and the End of the Cold War: Explain the issues and circumstances leading to
Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980. Describe Reagan’s economic policies, commonly referred to as
“Reaganomics.” What prompted Reagan’s emphasis on a return to values, optimism, greatness and
prosperity? How did Reagan’s strong anti-communist beliefs affect US foreign and national security
policy? Explain Reagan’s approach to the cold war conflict and describe the circumstances surrounding
the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent end of the cold war. Did the US win the Cold War?
Why or why not?

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