This is my topic: Is responsibility of the US government to give refugees more opportunities to learn and work?

This is my topic: Is responsibility of the US government to give refugees more opportunities to learn and work?


  • In this paper, you are highlighting the different viewpoints about your research question. These different viewpoints should be contrasting in their position regarding your research question. Think of this as a compare and contrast paper about your research question. If your question is “Should guns be banned?” this paper would give me at least one argument about why we should notban guns, and it would give me at least one argument of why we should ban guns.
  • You must use at least three new articles for this paper.
  • Your introductory paragraph will be brief. You only need three to four sentences introducing your topic and introducing that there are differing viewpoints about this topic.
  • You do not need a concluding paragraph.
  • Each body paragraph will represent a different viewpoint about your topic.
  • Each body paragraph needs at least one piece of evidence from an article supporting that viewpoint.
  • Each body paragraph will incorporate a “TeEA” structure.
  • Include at least one paraphrase in your paper.
  • All evidence in your paper will have an APA in-text citation.
  • You must have a title page.
  • You must have an APA reference page with at least three new sources.
  • Your paper should be about 500-750 words.
  • Upload your paper as an MS Word document.

Skills and Knowledge Needed

  • an understanding of a “TeEA” structured body paragraph
  • a basic understanding of the purpose and format of an APA reference page
  • research skills for finding at least three articles in the Knight Library database or credible articles online
  • the necessities for a successful paraphrase
  • an understanding of purpose and format of an APA in-text citation
  • attention to cohesion between sentences
  • the student’s best effort in appropriate sentence structure, vocabulary, and grammar
  • an understanding of the guidelines of this assignment


This paper necessitates that you explore a wider perspective of arguments around your research question. Having a fuller understanding of the arguments around your research question will allow you to refine your own arguments about the topic. This paper will also prepare you to have a stronger counter argument and rebuttal in your final research paper.

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