anthropology writing -04

Total word count: 400

Study the short video sets about tool making for this week’s Lab (three videos relate to flake stone tools, one to pottery types, and two to artifact types and classification). These are for the Week 7 lab (Lab 6). For your lab comparisons and write-up as described below, SET 1 is about the bow and arrow and SET 2 concerns the on the spear thrower, or atlatl (a term from the Mesoamerican Nahuatl language). Also, check out your textbook and this week’s other video on flintknapping.

Then, write 1 double-spaced pages discussing the differences between these weapons or hunting tools (that is, the bow and arrow compared to the spear thrower). Be sure to address the following: What types of materials are the various tools or weapons usually made from? What parts of these tools are recovered typically as artifacts? Are these implements composite tools, or not? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages when using one or the other for various activities? What is each of the two implements best suited for?

Your lab write-up should be written in size 11 or 12 Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins and only a one-line header with your name and the class and date.

Here are the videos: Carving a Survival Bow:

Building a Survival Arrow:

Bow & Arrow:

spear thrower

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