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Media Analysis

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Communications and Media

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The goal of this assignment is for you to analyze some aspect of mainstream media firsthand, using ideas and tools from the readings to understand the ways in which a particular media text in a particular genre/discourse negotiate the gender aspect, the ways in which they inhibit changes in gender relations or gender hierarchies but also the ways in which the texts might facilitate changes in gender relations or gender hierarchies by challenging current norms and understandings, by going against the grain of common sense, or the way in which the texts do both at the same time, both challenging and reinforcing current understandings of gender. You may take feminist/womanist/gender-centered/intersectional or any other approaches that allow you to deconstruct aspects of the social construction of femininities/masculinities in your selected media or popular culture text. Be sure use relevant tools and concepts from the course material in doing the analysis. Steps to do the assignment: Select a particular media genre. Examples of television genres would be reality programs, crime dramas, talk shows, situation comedies, etc. Examples of print media genres would be teen magazines, hobby magazines, immigrant newspapers, etc. You could also look at music, the Internet, or other media or pop culture. You could also examine particular social media sites. The important thing is that the media/pop culture you choose should have wide exposure, it should be widely consumed. Read as much scholarly work as you can about this genre, and about particular offerings within this genre, both from the course texts and from other scholarly sources. (Note: Scholarly sources are full-length articles from scholarly journals or articles from edited collections, or books. A good indication that a source is scholarly is the listing of several citations at the end of the work). Select particular examples of the genre to analyze. For example, choose particular episodes of a TV show; choose particular issues of a magazine; or choose particular songs within a musical genre. This is called the \”universe\”” of the text that you will analyze. The \””universe\”” of text should be chosen based on the research questions you\’re asking from a feminist/womanist/gender-centered/intersectional perspective. Collect enough of a sample of the genre to get a sense of how gender is represented within it; enough of a sample to get a sense of the patterns of representation. For example

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