persuasive argument,

When writing this assignment, be sure to use a persuasive argument, take a look at these videos for some help. Each one is about how to persuade and set up an argument. This assignment is about persuading the reader (me) that you have a clear understanding of the aspects of this assignment. Be sure that any words or phrases that you use, you also define (i.e. confidentiality) and use it in the correct context. For example, a client does not “break” confidentiality, but a human service professional could (but should not). It is wise to first think about what it means to live in a small town for scenarios 1 -3. If you don’t know what it means to live in a small town, think about this, when you are writing about rual areas,

Please read Chapter 10 in your textbook, Becoming a Helper. Title: Becoming a Helper Edition: 7th (2015) Author: Marianne Schneider Corey and Gerald Corey Publisher: Cengage Learning Book ISBN: 978-1-305-08509-1

Managing Boundaries in the Helping Process

Please put parts 1 and 2 together in a single document and submit one complete assignment to the Dropbox.

Part 1:

Managing boundaries is an everyday reality faced by human service professionals, particularly those who live and practice in small communities. Helpers who work in rural communities may have greater challenges in dealing with multiple relationships than those who work in urban areas. In 3 to 4 pages, explore the issues below. Please use APA subheadings and title the sections scenario 1, 2, and 3. Your response should include a minimum of four scholarly sources, one of which must be the National Organization of Human Services Code of Ethics.

Scenario 1:

  • A human service professional discovers that all of her bank accounts are at the local bank where a client works as a teller. This client has access to the human service professional’s financial information and may be able to ascertain who the human service professional’s other clients are in town when checks are deposited.

Scenario 2:

  • A human service professional sees one of his clients at the local grocery store. The client is with one or more other persons. The human service professional, who is mindful of confidentiality, must decide how to respond. If he doesn’t acknowledge the client, will the client feel snubbed? On the other hand, what if the human service professional approaches the client to say hello and the client doesn’t want others to know that he or she is working with the human service professional?

Scenario 3:

  • A human service professional has been invited to a dinner party hosted by a friend. She is not aware of the fact that the friend’s son is dating one of her new clients, who also attends the party. Upon seeing her client at her friend’s party, the human service professional must decide how to respond. This scenario can be taken in a number of directions. For example, what if the client has concerns with the human service professional’s friend because the son constantly complains about him/her? What if the client identifies as being gay and is romantically involved with the friend’s son, but his parent (the human service professional’s friend) does not know that he is gay? There are several more possibilities as well.

Part 2:

Increasingly, clients or former clients want to become “friends” with their human service professional via the Internet. For helping professionals who are considering using Facebook, a host of ethical concerns about boundaries, dual relationships, confidentiality, and privacy arise. Refer to activity #10 in Chapter 8 above (Confidentiality and Privacy in a Technological World) for some ideas on how to work with this material. In 2 to 3 pages, please summarize what you would do in this situation. Your response should include a minimum of four scholarly sources, one of which must be the National Organization of Human Services Code of Ethics.

Provide appropriate citations and references for any information you use in this paper. For help with citations, refer to the Plagiarism Guide found in Kaplan Academic Tools. For additional writing help, visit the Kaplan University Writing Center and review the guidelines for research, citation, and plagiarism.

Submitting Your Assignment

Put your assignment in a Word document.

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