Principles of Marketing and Sales Research Project

Principles of Marketing and Sales Research Project For your project this semester you will research and create one of the following:

1. A Marketing Plan and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program for the retail brand Target. The format for your research and written portion of your project will be based on the retail brand Target: Part I: Marketing Plan Introduction Evaluate Current Situation- Complete SWOT Analysis Identify the Marketing Mix- 4 P’s of Product, Place, Price & Promotion Overview of Promotion here, it will be covered in detail below. Positioning Statement for your product/service (described in Ch. 6) Part II: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Program Identify target market(s) Determine advertising and promotional objectives Develop advertising and promotional strategies- 5 ways in IMC Select media vehicles and schedule Develop creative promotions Conclusion

Citation : MLA


REQUIREMENT: 10.9 Pages/ 3000 words ( double spacing)

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