reading and answer the questions

You could just answer the questions by not writing the questions on if you want

the article are attached below

answer complete sentences and use easy word, grammar(use simple word and is ok to make grammar mistake )

(future!!!) after you finish the questions if you felt interesting let me know I have a writing paper about the two story below

For this assignment you will answer a few questions for the readings (the Stephen King and the Art Markman). Aim for 1-2 single spaced pages per reading. Clearly label and number your submissions. Submit responses for both articles on one document.

For the Stephen King, “Why We Crave Horror Movies” article / Reflection and Discussion Questions:

Understanding Details:

  1. Why, in King’s opinion, do civilized people enjoy horror movies?
  2. According to King, in what ways are horror movies like roller coasters?
  3. According to King, how are horror movies like public lynchings?
  4. What is the difference between “emotions that tend to maintain the status quo of civilization” and “anticivilization emotions”?

Reading Critically:

  1. How can horror movies “reestablish our feeling of essential normality”?
  2. What is “reactionary, anarchistic, and revolutionary” about fairy tales? About horror films?
  3. Why does the author think we need to exercise our anticivilization emotions? What are some other ways we might confront these emotions?
  4. Explain the last line of King’s essay: “as long as you keep the gators fed.”

Discovering Strategies:

  1. What is the cause/effect relationship that King notes in society between horror movies and sanity?
  2. Why does King begin his essay with such a dramatic statement as “I think that we are all mentally ill”?
  3. Who do you think is the author’s intended audience for this essay? Describe them in detail. How did you come to this conclusion?
  4. What different strategies does King use to support his cause/effect analysis? Give examples.

For the Art Markman ” Can Video Games Make You Smart?” article /Reflection and Discussion Questions:

Understanding Details:

1. What are some “potential ills” of playing video games?
2. In your own words, explain the experiment that Glass, Maddox, and Love conducted.
3. What is “task switching”?
4. What does Markman mean when he says video games, “will not substitute the hours you need to put in to become an expert in at least one domain”?

Reading Critically:

1. How do some video games promote flexibility in thinking?
2. Why did the researchers use the game StarCraft for their experiment?
3. How can games be “a valuable tool in helping people to get smarter”?
4. What does being smart have to do with solving problems, as the author implies in the last paragraph of the essay?

Discovering Rhetorical Strategies:

1. Why do you think Markman wrote this essay? What was he trying to accomplish by writing it?
2. Who do you think is Markman’s primary audience for this essay?
3. Why do you think Markman starts with some of the negative consequences of playing video games? Is this an effective beginning of what he is trying to say? Why or why not?
4. Does the study that Markman cites prove his point? Are you convinced that some video games promote flexible thinking? What details from the study are most persuasive to you?

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