Responding to two classmates discussion on Protecting Children

I have provided my discussion too please comment on each of these classmates discussion and cite in APA.

Then, review your peers’ posts, and comment on aspects of their initial posts that resonated with you. Provide constructive feedback on your peers’ distinctions regarding children versus parents’ rights as they relate to different types of child maltreatment.

1.) Classmate Brittany

I want to go over all of the abuse mentioned above because they all deserve to be talked about.

Child neglect is when a parent does not take care of the child’s basic needs. They may not physically abuse them but instead they do not provide food, shelter, or proper health care. The difference of this abuse over other forms is that it may take time to see the affects. For example, if a parent doesn’t feed their child, it can take a long time for people to see the effects on the child and for them to lose weight and look gaunt.

Physical abuse you can usually see immediately. It is when a parent or caregiver hurts the child physically causing them broken bones or bruises.

Psychological harm is one of the scariest forms of abuse in my opinion. My mother psychologically abused me my entire childhood and I had no idea until I was suffering from mental issues when I was an adult. Psychological harm is abuse of the mind, its beating your child down with words. There are many ways to harm your child this way like exploiting/corrupting, denying special, denying emotional responsiveness, and terrorizing.

Sexual abuse is forcing, coercing, or threatening a child into sexual acts.

Children have rights, and their parents are their advocates. However, when a parent doesn’t advocate for them and instead abuses the relationship, then the parent’s need to be punished and taught how to properly care for their child. Children are still learning how to communicate and how to interact with the world, whereas a parent should already know how.

2.) Classmate Rachel

Child maltreatment appears in various forms such as neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and overall psychological harm. While these are different subtypes of maltreatment toward a child, they often intertwine with one another. Psychological abuse or harm is a pattern of behaviors that disrupt the cognitive, emotional, social, and psychological development of a child. Physical abuse is the infliction of physical injury by someone responsible for caring for a child in a manner that is not accidental (Martinez, 2016). The abuse or neglect of a child increases that child’s risk of overall negative behavioral, psychological, physical, and social development and functioning (Poole, Seal, & Taylor, 2014). Additionally, those who were abused as children are at an increased risk of becoming abusers themselves toward their partner or spouse as well as their own children (Thornberry, Knight, & Lovegrove, 2012).

The rights of children and parents in cases of maltreatment should differ from one another, as there are different levels of applicability for the rights we are all afforded when the relationship is that of a caretaker and child. Children are afforded the right to protection, adequate treatment and care, and a sense of safety. Parents or caretakers are afforded similar rights, however, they are also the ones expected to provide and attend to the rights of the child. By causing physical and psychological harm to a child those intrinsic rights of safety, proper treatment, and protection are infringed upon.

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