Term Project for Marriott International

The focus of the term project is for students to locate relevant information on a specific, publicly traded company and analyze it. All the aspects of the project are focused on a current situation of the specific company and the market it operates in.

The All section in Term Group Project need do research for Marriott Hotel company.

The written report should be approximately 6 pages in length. It is to follow MLA guidelines.

Section 1: Company Status Update


  • Future outlook for the company.

Section 2: Mission Statement Analysis

This section include

  • A critique of the current mission statement, how does it fit today’s business environment

ALL: Your proposed new and improved mission statement.

Most important stakeholder and why?

Section 3: Input Stage of Strategy Formulation threats Analysis & Competitive Profile.

  • Threats

ALL: Competitive Profile

Cash position

Section 4: Matching Stage of Strategy Formulation; Develop and analyze the Threats Matrix, using worksheet on Ulearn under the “Resources” tab.

  • Identify and evaluate the Threats and place in descending order

ALL: Create a list of the most important Threats to focus on at least two for the category.

Section 5: Decision Stage of Strategy Formulation (Continue with information from Section 4)

Based on your strategy analysis in section 4, determine two appropriate strategies for your company to pursue. Determine the most attractive strategy as your recommendation.

Section 6: Strategy Evaluation Plan

Develop a plan for evaluating your strategy including time frame and methods you will use to measure the success of your strategy.

  • Threats are dynamic and changing, identify a potential future treat to the company and how should it respond?

ALL: What potential growth strategy should the company employ, who might be a potential competitor

to be over taken and how would it shift the core competencies?

Based on the current standing of the company and future outlook what contingency-plan recommendations would you as a member of the management team have to offer?

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