The Practice of Management, business and finance homework help


Reading 1: The Practice of Management, Peter F. Drucker, summarized by John D. Stavig and Shaker A. Zahra 27

Reading 2: The One Minute Manager, Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson, summarized by Charles C. Manz 31

Reading 3: Out of the Crisis, W. Edwards Deming, summarized by William B. Gartner and M. James Naughton 35

Reading 8: Competitive Advantage, Michael E. Porter, summarized by Sara A. Morris 56

Part 3

Reading 3: How the Mighty Fall, Jim Collins, summarized by Tanya Pietz 78

Collins, Jim (May 5, 2008). The secret of enduring greatness. Fortune. New York: 157(9), 72.

and find articles on the writings of or summaries of the writings of the following management theorists:

Mary Follett

Henry Mintzberg

Max Weber

Federick Taylor

Based on your readings, is one minute adequate for a manager to discuss goals, to reprimand employees, and to praise individuals for exceptional work? Be sure to cite your readings from Drucker, Mintzberg, Follett, or other authors to defend or contradict Blanchard’s arguments.

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