Week 17 Final Project

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Week 17 Final Project

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Please write an essay (2-3 pages) on what experience you have gained by taking this class! The student learning objectives are: Student Learning Outcomes: SLOs are statements of expectation that clarify what students should know and be capable of at the end of instruction as a result of a faculty’s interaction with them. For this class, the following are the expected SLO’s: -Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of owning real property. -Name and describe five methods to legally hold title to real property in California. -Interpret the laws related to acquiring and keeping a real estate license in California The rubric is designed to assist and provide a process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide for a selling tool. Your final paper was graded per this rubric, receiving a maximum score of 50 points. Each competency will earn a maximum of 10 points. All 5 competencies: · Conceptualization of issues (1-10 points) Presentation/Interpretation to be considered critically is stated or demonstrated, clearly and described comprehensively, delivering relevant information necessary for full understanding. Selling points if appropriate 10 points · Evidence (1-10 points) Information / Source is taken from source(s) with enough interpretation/evaluation to develop a coherent analysis or synthesis. Personal viewpoints and those of sources and authorities are subject to questioning. 10 points · Influence of context and assumption (1-10 points) Carefully evaluates the relevance of context(s) and thoroughly (systematically and methodically) analyzes own and others’ assumptions when presenting a position. 10 points · Student’s position and selling themselves(1-10 points) Student’s position is original and plausible, considering the complexities of an issue. Others’ points of view as well as limits of student’s position are acknowledged 10 points. · Conclusions and related outcomes (1-10 points) Conclusions clearly follow in a logical manner from premised and supporting ideas with no omissions and logical flaws. The relationship between premises and conclusions is clearly demonstrated. 10 points Total points earned —- Maximum 50 points

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