What is the nature of Egyptian housing both before and after the establishment of the Egyptian Dynastic State

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What is the nature of Egyptian housing both before and after the establishment of the Egyptian Dynastic State

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2/29/2020 3:13:31 PM

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You must have EHRAF database access!! If you dont or cant get it please dont bid on this project. There are VERY EXPLICIT instructions on how to get to the information that MUST be followed. All students will use the eHRAF Archaeology (electronic Human Relations Area Files, an anthropological online database) database to research some information about the character of housing in Predynastic, and Dynastic Egypt up to the Second Intermediate Period. First, read the pdf “Dwellings” by Carol Ember, Director of HRAF posted on ICON. You will be trying to address the “What We Don’t Know” questions in that document: Does separation of parts of the house into male and female spaces re?ect more gender inequality? Why are animals in some societies kept inside the dwelling? Why is storage of crops sometimes inside the house and other times outside the house? Why do extended families live in the same dwelling, in multi-roomed structures, and in other societies live in separate dwellings in the same compound? How common is it to switch from a curvilinear house to a rectangular house when foragers or hunter-gatherers settle down? What explains separate residential dwellings for men (i.e., men’s houses)? Separate residences for adolescents? Are the ?ndings regarding external decoration of houses in peasant societies more generalizable? That is, is outside decoration of houses more likely with low community integration and more involvement of households with the outside? Basically, you are trying to answer the question: what is the nature of Egyptian housing both before and after the establishment of the Egyptian dynastic state? To complete the assignment, start by going to the Main Library’s INFOHAWK+ search box and key in “eHRAF archaeology”; the first entry will be the database, click on that and then the Link to the resource. A menu page will come up (be sure you are in eHRAF archaeology not eHRAF world cultures). Ask for an “Advanced Search.” You then first “Add Traditions” clicking on Add and opening the “Northern Africa” traditions. Click on all of them except for “Khartoum Neolithic (MS50)” and “Late Pleistocene-Early Holocene Maghreb (M050). The other 6 traditions (relevant to Egypt) will be checked. Make sure those boxes are clicked and the box fills them in. Then “Add Subjects,” clicking on the Add button and then clicking on the “Basic Information” button (001) which opens up a menu. Choose “Settlements (360)” and click on all the topics under that topic (there are 9 below the main box “Settlements”). Then you “Add Keywords,” making sure the “Or” button is darkened (and the “And” button is On in the column just before), add the keywords as suggested from the above questions: e.g., “gender,” “animals,” “storage,” “rooms,” “separation,” “circular,” “rectangular,” “men’s house,” “adolescents,” “decoration,” etc. (You may have to try several words before the search turns up enough materials; you should also put an asterix * at the end of the word so it searches singular, plurals, and shortened forms of words; you may also want to use other more specific keywords: for example, instead of “animal*” you use “goat*” or “sheep” or “cattle”). Click the Search and you will have the results, which should say “x number” of paragraphs in “x number” of documents in “x number” of traditions.” You will know then that you are in the right place. There is much more material here than you will need but you simply pick a tradition and start browsing through the paragraphs. Some of the information will not be relevant but go through all the resulting traditions and make notes on what might apply to the question you want to try and answer. Draw some conclusions about the nature of the houses in both the Hunter/Gatherer traditions and the Intensive Agriculturalist traditions. Your goal is to derive some information about the character of Egyptian housing as it may have changed through time. Close your essay with conclusions about the results of your research, and you may comment on whether the Egyptian data in eHRAF are sufficient to answer this particular question about what we don’t know on dwellings. The essay must be at least 4 full double-spaced, one inch margins, 12 point font pages. This essay will be worth 20% of the final grade.

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