A Group paper

The project is separated by three parts. We have done the first part. Now it’s the second part.

For the project we have decided to introduce Hulu to the Australian market. Currently, Australians only have access to a limited selection of Netflix shows and whatever the duopoly (monopolies of cable and streaming service) Foxtel can get rights to. There also have access to Amazon Prime (Prime Video).

My part is :

V. Channels of distribution (macro analysis)

This section reports data on all channel middlemen available within the market.Select a specific channel as part of your distribution strategy for your marketing plan

a) Retailers

i) Number of retailers

ii) Typical size of retail outlets

iii) Customary markup for various classes of goods

iv) Methods of operation (cash/credit)

v) Scale of operation (large/small) vi) Role of chain stores, department stores specialty shops

b) Wholesale middlemen

i) number and size

ii) Customary markup for various classes of goods

iii) Method of operation (cash/credit)

c) Import/Export agents

d) Warehousing

e) Penetration of urban and rural markets

VI. Media

This section reports data on all media available within the country or market.Select specific media as part of the promotional mix and strategy for your marketing plan.

a) Availability of media

b) Costs

i) Television

ii) Radio

iii) Print

iv) Other media (cinema, outdoor etc.)

c) Agency assistance

d) Coverage of various media e) Percentage of population reached by each of the media

The file is the syllabus. You can find the requirements from there.

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