a juvenile probation office in a large metropolitan community

With this project, you will be required to apply the information that you acquired from the Unit III readings to assist you in
designing a relational database.
For the purposes of this project, choose from one of the following agencies as your reference group for whom you will
develop the proposal:

 a sheriff’s department with less than 75 employees,
 a municipal court in a county with a population of approximately 100,000,
MCJ 5078, Computer Applications for Criminal Justice Administration 4
 a medium-security transitional center with 500 beds, or

a juvenile probation office in a large metropolitan community.
Once you have chosen your model agency, consider the following items.
 Your chosen agency has recently created a specialized unit within its information technology department.
 You are the database administrator (DBA) who supervises that specialized unit.
 The sole purpose of the newly created unit is to organize the numerous types of data that are utilized by the
agency into one database.
 The secondary objectives of the new unit are to ensure that the created database meets the needs of the agency,
is user friendly, is expandable, and is capable of addressing future organizational needs.
Your assignment is to develop a proposal for a database system that will include the following components .
 Identify the agency you chose.
 Prepare a brief summary of the types of relations that are represented in the proposed database you are creating.
 Prepare a visual representation (graphical depiction or flow chart of the information pathways) of the proposed
database design. This can be accomplished by using the drawing or diagram options provided in programs such
as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
o Note: When using the diagram options in the Microsoft Office programs, you have to be careful to make sure
that the diagram is not distorted as spacing changes throughout the document. Be sure to use a hard page
break to prevent the graphic from moving from its own dedicated page. You may consider presenting this as an
appendix in the document, but be sure in either case to review the relevant APA guidelines about proper formatting of
tables, graphs, and appendices.
o You may find it helpful to include the graphic among the narrative if the writing makes frequent reference to that
graphic—explore the various options for positioning text around an image for the desired effect.
o For conceptual guidance, you can refer to the Murthy “Project” chapter (p. 267) and the Teorey, Lightstone,
and Nadeau reading in its entirety.
 Prepare a section that contains a discussion that identifies potential obstacles or challenges associated with
implementation of the proposed database (e.g., end-user concerns, cost, and implementation timeframe). Be sure
to include proposed measures to address these issues associated with implementation and proposed measures to
ensure scalability or expandability of the database that address future organizational needs.
 All sources (including any images used) must be cited and referenced appropriately.
All components of this assignment should be composed in a six to eight page paper (not counting title page, reference
page, graphics, and any appendices you may add). You must use a minimum of three scholarly sources beyond your
textbook. All sources used, including the textbook, should be cited and referenced appropriately.

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