Everyone is born equal and free regardless, homework help

Respond with a 150-175-word comment. Aim for something more meaningful than “I agree” or “I disagree.”

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Everyone is born equal and free regardless of race or skin color. This video shows the perspective of white Americans in 1957. Some whites truly believed that they were superior to African Americans because of the color of their skin. Many of these people could not even stand to live in the same neighborhood. One African American, William Myers, and his family were living the American dream. They were finally able to move into a stable home which was located in a neighborhood with a one-hundred percent white population. There should not have been a problem welcoming the Myer’s into the community based solely on race. Some white community members felt that if the Myers moved in, there would be tension and their property values would go down. I would understand these feelings if the Myers were a threat to society such as being drug dealers but they were not. The Myers were hard working and able to afford living there as everyone else in the neighborhood was. Some gave their opinion in this video by stating that the Myer’s will never be socially accepted. Others believed that the Myers had the right to move in but worried about what other rights they were going to receive in the future. I believe the Myers made a bold decision by moving into this neighborhood. They should have been welcomed by every single neighbor and should not have been treated differently because of their skin color. Even though there are laws preventing discrimination, there are no laws that force one group of people to like another group. The Myers felt a conflict of freedom because they had the freedom to move into the neighborhood but probably did not feel welcomed to use their freedom like everyone else.

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