Inferential Research and Statistics Project, Part 3

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Inferential Research and Statistics Project, Part 3

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10/15/2020 10:43:18 PM

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10/19/2020 20:00



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3     Double-spaced (900 words)

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PowerPoint Presentation

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Assignment Content Resource: Inferential Research and Statistics Project Complete Part 3 of the Inferential Research and Statistics Project. Expectations for PowerPoint Presentations Ensure you develop your presentations with the proper number of slides suggested under the assignment and meet the learning objectives for the presentation as well. You are required to include at least 3 credible research sources, one of which MUST be the textbook, for presentations. Sources and graphics need to be properly cited and referenced in APA 7th edition style. You need to include in-text citations on each of your individual slides in addition to completing reference slides at the end of the presentation. Keep in mind your title slide should include your presentation title, your name, and the date of submission. Slides should have no more than 7 words a line and 7 lines per slide (7×7 rule), using short phrases and simple sentences. Provide only key points on your slides – use your speaker notes for more detailed information. Limit the information on your slides to essentials. Font size on your slides should be between 24-48 points in easy-to-read fonts like Arial, Courier or Times New Roman. If you need multiple slides for your references, this is fine but realize these do not count toward your total slide count for your content. Avoid using ALL CAPS and use the same font style for your entire presentation. Avoid using font colors that are difficult to read – avoid the color red in particular. For a professional look on your slides, use two spaces between all words. Remember to avoid using abbreviations and acronyms on your slides. Graphics and special effects are wonderful but keep in mind not to overload your slides with too many graphics, too much text, or too many effects. The general rule is no more than 2 graphics per slide. However, you should not have a presentation that lacks graphics completely. Also, please ensure you cite/reference your images appropriately in APA style. Ensure you include your Part II Excel output for your t-test on one slide where you explain the results of this test in the presenter notes. Speaker/presenter notes are required for every slide in the presentation. Presenter notes are where you include your specific information that explains the information on your slides. Your presenter notes should be written using complete sentences (no outlines). Your notes should be where you explain your slides and provide your audience with more information about your topic. Think of your notes as what you would be saying if you were to give this presentation in person to a room full of people. As such, the information should flow and should be clear and free of errors. Your presenter notes and your slides should be proofread and spell-checked. Please ensure your work is original. I do check for plagiarism.

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