Juvenile Justice 300 Word Assigment

In the article The Fourth Wave: Juvenile Justice Reforms for the 21st Century, p. 3 describes four ‘waves’ of juvenile justice reform since the advent of the juvenile court. These waves, or stages, are further discussed in detail in Reforming Juvenile Justice: A Developmental Approach – Historical Context. (Read both articles for the best understanding)—Articles provided below in attachments–>> Since the articles are long, skim through and find your answers to the questions.


1. Introductory paragraph – Discuss the original philosophy of the juvenile justice system (first wave) and briefly outline the second wave (due process) and third wave (“get tough”) of juvenile justice philosophy.

2. Main body of essay: Address the questions below.

3. Concluding paragraph: Use the final question along with your personal thoughts and opinion for your conclusion.

Answer the questions below in 300 words or more: PLEASE write mostly in your own words.

What is meant by juvenile justice reform and how is the system changing from the previous “get tough” era?

What do you think lies ahead for the juvenile justice system over the next decade?

Based on your readings, what significant changes do you think will occur or what changes do you suggest?

What effect do you think our current administration will have on reforms in juvenile justice? Will they be positive or negative? Why? Explain your answers.

Provide examples from the readings to illustrate your answers.

PLAGIARISM will not be accepted.

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