Lobbying proposal. Pick an issue

  • Pick a state legislative issue, something that hasn’t passed yet. By state legislative issue, I mean a bill, not a referendum (ballot initiative) facing the public.
  • I recommend perusing StateLine Daily for great ideas about rising and trending issues or check CQ Roll Call’s “PREVIEW: What’s Hot in State Legislatures for 2018.
  • Make sure the issue that you pick is substantive enough that you will be able to write about all the components indicated for this assignment. Don’t pick a small issue that is easily resolved, the more complicated the better.
  • Please avoid topics dealing with the budget (e.g. taxes), as those are tough to focus down on for purposes of this class.
  • You will be doing this assignment from a hypothetical point of view of a particular lobbying interest group or corporation.
  • Each future assignment will have a grading rubric, and I will be looking for quality research and your strategic approach to solving political problems based on our lecture notes and readings.

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