MKT 625

I need help with a 4 page paper due by Sunday at this time
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Read the article “The kingdom inside a republic” (reference
listed below) about Disney’s initial transition into Europe. Explain the
implications of successfully transitioning an American product to a new
culture. Address the following in your paper:

  1. Why did Euro Disney, also called
    Disneyland Paris, initially fail when the theme park opened in 1992?

  2. How did marketers revise their
    strategies to better fit the culture? 

  3. Research and provide an overview of
    a different product that made a successful transition to a new culture.

  4. How did the Marketers gauge consumer
    behavior to make the transition successful?

    The kingdom inside a republic. (1996, Apr 13). The Economist, 339, 66-67.
    Retrieved from ProQuest database.

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