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  • Directions: Using the material in this module and the textbook, as well as your personal preferences, find three feature articles from three different publications (newspapers or magazines, print or online) that have been published within the past two years. For each article, write a 50 to 100 word paragraph explaining what elements you thought worked well. For example, perhaps the writer used an anecdote in the lead and you found it to be a particularly compelling way to start the story.
  • Purpose of this assignment: This assignment is designed to have you engage with the course materials in a hands-on way and to have you spend some time reading various types of feature stories and begin to see what works and doesn’t work. Hint: you should read more than three feature stories to find three excellent examples.
  • How to submit: For this assignment, I will create a discussion post space for you to post the links to the articles along with your discussions of them. I encourage you all to interact with all of the posts by reading the various articles posted and commenting on one’s that you particularly liked (or perhaps didn’t like).

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