Poland 3r Person

The purpose of this assignment is to prepare a socio-cultural analysis of an assigned nation as discussed in FM3-24,Counterinsurgency


-Define the meaning of culture

-Explain atleast 5 major characteristics that define a culture

-describe the common culture characteristics of a region of the world

-must address the following:

1. overview of the assigned nations’s physical geography and military conflict history:

-complex Terrain

-Urban/Sub Urban Terrain

-Key infrastructure

-lines of communication

-significant past military conflicts and their impact on the society

2.Weather analysis:

-effects on population, agriculture, smuggling, insurgency,etc

3. Civil Consideration:Overview of the factors of ASCOPE(areas, structures, capabilities, organizations, people, and events)

4. More detailed discussion of the “P” of ASCOPE, people (society, structures, culture,language, power and authority, and interest)

APA-1500-2000 words

intext citation

minimum of 4 credible sources

concise thesis

third person perspective

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