Case Study Assignment

Hello Please use the attached Template.

1. You must:Thoroughly discussed rationale for adolescents’ effective decision making.

2. Thoroughly discussed decision-making strategies for adolescents.

3. Concepts of human development and self-regulation were accurately and thoroughly applied.Connections to decision making techniques are clearly established.

4. Thoroughly discussed effect of mindset on behavior and performance

5. Thorough application of neuroplasticity to mindset. Very few, if any, inaccuracies are present in submission

6. Suggestions for memory improvement are present. Connections to psychological concepts are complete and thorough.Inaccuracies are few or none.

7. Big 5 personality traits are present and thoroughly applied to case study.Few or no inaccuracies are present.

8. Concepts of emotional regulation and cognitive reappraisal are present and thoroughly discussed.Few or no inaccuracies are present.

Also attached is the Case Study Template and the assignment overview/assignment. Please let me know if additional resources are needed.

Thank you

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