Easy rough draft assignment

Hey guys, I am having a really hard time in school right now and I have a lot to do. I need a rough draft for this paper. It needs to be turned in by midnight. I live in Chicago so you can know what time it is. I know this is short notice but I really need the help. IT IS JUST A ROUGH DRAFT. It does not need to be perfect. the instructions are below.


With so many problems on planet Earth, should the United States continue to explore the
use of alternative energy?

Introduction with thesis statement: Create an introduction for your paper that includes any relevant
background information to your topic. It should also state your claim and provide justification for the

At least
body paragraphs: Using your research and the feedback you received from step 2, create
the body of your draft research paper. Write your research paper in the past tense to reflect the actual
research you conducted, as well as your research findings. You must cite at least seven of your ten sources
in the roughdraft.

Conclusion: Create a conclusion section in which you restate your hypothesis and interpret the results of
your research

Reference page containing
at least seven of the ten
academic sources, four of which are found in the

You will be able to further refine your draft research paper before submitting it as your final paper. However, to
earn full credit, your draft must contain a title page,
5-6 pages
of text, a reference page, and be formatted in proper
APA style. The draft research paper must also incorporate at
least seven of your ten sources
, cited in the text and
on a separate reference page

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