Knapp’s stages of Relationship Development

Using Knapp’s stages of Relationship Development, write an essay (500 words minimum) describing an interpersonal relationship you have had or currently have. If you choose a current relationship, it must be one that involves the exchange of self-disclosure (intensifying stage), but need not be one that has moved all the way to bonding. (Remember that Bonding is a formal, public commitment.) Make sure to provide an example for each stage you’ve experienced in this particular relationship. Use and underline the terms from our text.

If the relationship started to come apart but then came back together, identify which coming apart stages you went through with an example. If the relationship terminated, make sure to identify each stage of the coming apart with an example.

Also, discuss the essential elements of each stage, both positive and negative, present in the relationship, evaluate the roles and expectations, costs and rewards, and renegotiation of roles. Finally, address any communication problems you recognize in the relationship. Give concrete examples. Be sure to use and underline terms from our text.

Remember that the stages are not always linear and you may jump back and forth through the stages several times.

Be sure to pick a relationship that has hit at least four stages.

 This are the Stages 1.Initiating 2.Experimenting 3.intensifying 4.integrating 5.bonding / coming apart 1. Differentiating 2. Circumscribing 3. Stagnating 4.avoiding 5.terminating 

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