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Write at least a 100-word reply about their Primary Task Response regarding items you found to be compelling and enlightening. I posted some questions down below if you need a guide for response

  • What did you learn from your classmate’s posting?
  • What additional questions do you have after reading the posting?
  • What clarification do you need regarding the posting?
  • What differences or similarities do you see between your posting and other classmates’ postings?

Student paper down below:

Managing and leading in most cases are linked together, the reality is that we need management and leadership to accomplish goals. Managers will organize and coordinate subordinates while leaders are going to focus on encouraging and motivating others (EditorialBoard, 2015). We look at managers as the individuals that will put together the projects, establish rules and procedures. Managers are also the individuals that will hand down disciplinary actions, and put together incentive programs.

Leaders end up with a large amount of responsibility, leaders are the middle man between the mangers and the workers. Leaders keep workers focused on finishing the project, they are willing to listen to suggestions and problems that might arise (Robbins, 2002). Managers mostly focus on the business and if it is getting down in a efficient and timely fashion, leaders will focus on timely progress of the project but they will also focus developing employees and giving them motivation to achieve goals (Legacey, 2016).

Leadership Approaches

The leadership approaches are Important when dealing with two different companies that are interested in becoming one single entity. Sometimes mergers can go smoothly and sometimes mergers do not go as planned. KPMG has done studies on this topic, and in their finding 83% of merger deals fall short of shareholders returns (Bradt, 2015). Theresa and Mike looking at an outside source to consult with the merger can give a fresh perspective on the merger. Depending on their experience they can bring new and innovative ideas or possible changes to the table that would not have been thought of by management (Nuth, 2018).

The leadership approaches that would benefit Uwear, Paledenim merger would be affiliate leadership, democratic leadership, and pacesetting leadership approaches. The affiliate approach will be used to keep those knowledgeable employees around throughout the merger. Those employees are a huge asset because of the knowledge they have which will translate into saving because of the training cost for new employees (EditorialBoard, 2015). The democratic approach will be used for the merger because allowing the employees to have their input will give them a feeling that their opinions and contributions are important which can boost morale (EditorialBoard, 2015).

The pacesetting approach well use those skilled employees to strengthen the merger by the expectations that employees put upon themselves and their teams for the results that are expected of them. Demand on employees will change when leaders from both companies will expect performance to remain at a high level no matter what the situation is (EditorialBoard, 2015).

Men and Women are Perceived as Equally Effective in Leading

Both Theresa and Mike are striving to get through the merger with very little problems and are ready to put people in positions that are forward looking like they are. I think that the most important contribution that both CEO.s can make towards the merger is to achieve common ground with very little conflict. Both Theresa and Mike are looking to achieve the same results, they just do it in different ways. The study of differences in gender leadership skills would perceive that Theresa is going to be better motivating workers towards production and responding towards different personalities (Kabacoff, R, I 1998). Mikes leadership skills are going to perform higher at strategic planning and the business side of the merger (Kabacoff, R, I 1998).

Leadership Approaches Are You Most Comfortable

I have never been in a position as a leader, but I do know that if the opportunity were handed to me I would most likely lean towards a democratic leadership style. I work with many skilled individuals and I know that they have been doing this type of work for many years. In the past the best result of the finished product is tell the employees what needs to be done and let them work their magic. I feel the same way about the merger, with the skilled workers between the two companies there would be no reason to micromanage and get in the way of the work that the employees are already skilled at doing.

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