Writing a persuasive essay and annotations

Write a persuasive essay, using all the tools that in the Style Tools Checklist, on any topic of your own choosing. It should be no fewer than 5 buzzwords in length. You also need to make footnotes for you citations. The articles you use should be peer review articles. Using APA format. You better read all the files and pictures I upload to understand the rubric. Using all the knowledge points in the documents to write this essay. Highlight the buzzwords and transition words. After you finish your essay, You will add comments to the side margin of your essay, giving the theoretical/academic description of every stylistic tool you use in the course of your essay. These annotated “labels” will demonstrate that you not only know how to execute the usage of the stylistic tools, but that you likewise understand how and why each of the tools are used (by providing technical descriptions of them). Please see attached sample.

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