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1st Written Assignment:

For the first week, the first assignment students need to discuss the last book, novel, short story, poem, drama, or non–fiction that you have read by a Black writer, and towards the end of your essay explain why you are taking this class as well as what you expect to get out of this class. Make this essay a great example of your writing, so I can get an idea of who you are. The writing assignment should consist of 500–750 words. Writing minimum requirement: 2–3 pages (double–spaced). The essay itself must consist of an introduction, 3 or more fully developed body paragraphs and a conclusion along with a separate works cited page. The assignment must be written in MLA format. This assignment is due by Saturday (8/26/17) at 10:00 P.M. It must be submitted on iLearn.

On the part of what you expect to get out of this class you say whatever you want related to the class.

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