assignment 6

APA style


Innovation and Change

1) Why is it innovation important?

Do organizations merely look to “change for the sake of change,” or is innovation more of a strategic decision?
(In reflecting on the above question, you might want to consider the
concepts (from chapter 6) of “competitive advantage” (pg.114) and
“competitive inertia” (pg.116) and how they relate to the
discussion of innovation and change).

2) Different methods of managing innovation (experiential and incremental).

Can someone who describes him/herself as “not being very creative” be a successful contributor to the organizational innovation process? One possible way of looking at this question might be to consider:

a) The discussion of multi functional teams: one of the five dominant
aspects of the experiential approach to innovation, (p.147), and

b) The compression approach: innovation during incremental
change. (pp.147-149).

3) What is the role of Leadership/Management in this process?

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