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Q1: (two paragraphs)

Prepare a
quality improvement program. Pay particular attention to what
attributes constitute a quality improvement team and what questions
this team attempts to answer. Identify and classify all of the risks
associated with Obstetrics and neonatology. Describe the nature of the
risks to patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare facilities.
Develop a table to present this information, create a Word document
report, or a PowerPoint presentation.

-Identify all the risks of the selected area derived from three identified sources

-Classify the risks into groups

-Describe nature of the risks to these groups: patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare facilities.

Q2: (Two paragraphs)

Cyberattack on US Government Systems

June 2015, Government officials revealed that Chinese hackers had
stolen large amounts of government employee data from the Office of
Personnel Management. Do some research about the attack and answer the
following questions.

  • What made the government systems so vulnerable to attack?
  • Why has it been so difficult to stop these attacks?
  • Based on your own knowledge and experience, what recommendations would you make to halt or mitigate these attacks?

Dream Cybersecurity Job

What would be your dream cyber security job? Think about:

  • Whom you would work for (the public sector, the private sector, as a consultant, etc.)
  • How you would work (remotely, on-site, a mixture of both, etc.)
  • What your primary job tasks and responsibilities would be
  • Your ideal hardware and software

CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam

Are you going to take the Security+ certification exam in the near future? Why?

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a job posting for an entry-level network security position. Provide the
link here. How do you think your learning in this class prepared you
for that position? What area(s) do you still need to work on to qualify
for that position?

Include at least 3 references

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