ELP- experimental learning project



Project (ELP)

ELP Part 1:

Oral Presentation

  • ELP-Paper – 15-20 pages – Specific
    directions will be provided).

    The ELP Paper must be written using
    MLA Format.

    The ELP Paper must be written
    in the third person.

    1. Each
    student will select a recognized or well-known
    creative artist (an “extraordinary mind”) as the topic of his/her
    ELP. In addition, the selected artist must have been or be in the process of
    creating original work rather than
    recreating the work/s of others through performance.

    2. This
    artist will be the topic of your ELP research paper. The artist may be from any
    of the arts disciplines such as: poet, playwright, writer, musical composer,
    visual artist, choreographer. All topics (artists) must be approved by the
    instructor by submitting ASSIGNMENT #1-ELP-Topic.

    3. Through
    research and investigation, you will conduct an in-depth study of the life,
    artistic process, and works of your selected artist to prove your thesis
    statement. In order to obtain an in-depth understanding of your selected
    artist, a portion of each day, during this course, should be spent in
    experiencing; through listening, reading, or viewing; the work of this
    artist. In addition, each student will write experiential data entries,
    with weekly entries, describing those experiences and the emotional and/or
    cognitive learning outcomes. This ELP-Experiential Research Data Entries will
    become Part III-Experiential Research Data Entries of the ELP-Paper.
    (Maintained the Data Entries as a Word document, which will become part of your

    ELP – Presentation of your topic.

    A 15-minute Power Point
    Presentation, with voice overlay and no less than 20 slides,

  • Each ELP isa combination of an oral presentation and a substantial written paper, both of which are described below. The ELP is an integrated experiential learning project that should be viewed as a practical application of your in-class learning applied to a pre-determined topic. Interviews are a standard inclusion for all experiential learning elements.
  • All ELP topics must be approved in a learning contract by the faculty member. Thefaculty memberreserves the right to recommend different research topics and ways to further explore the chosen subject. Adult learners in the degree completion program, and specifically this course, must complete both components (written and oral)of the ELP as part ofthe final grade.
  • The time period reserved for the final examination maybe used for the presentation of the ELP and will be further discussed inclass.
  • The rubric for evaluating the ELP isavailable in the accompanying online resource folder/Unit information/etc.
  • Each studentmust demonstrate in the ELP anawareness, understanding and integration of the Franciscan Mission.

Each student is expected to complete and present an Experiential Learning Project (approximately 15-20 minutes) POWERPOINT, INCLUDE PICTURES which promotes a deeper understanding of the course content through the integration of the theoretical and experiential, and through sharing this knowledge with the class and instructor. The presentation may, depending on the course/content, be presented through appropriate use of technology, such as Live Classroom, etc. The ELP, therefore, demonstrates the acquisition of the knowledge, which each student has gained through an actual experience, which has been further enhanced through directed research. In order to accomplish this goal, the central question to which your project must respond is the relationship of what you have learned to the course objectives, particularly with regard to the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition, and how the issue of the subject/course matter is addressed and achieved.

In the online class, the Oral Presentation will be a narrated Power Point Presentation. (Power Point with a voice overlay).

ELP Part 2: Written Project

In addition to the oral ELP presentation, each student is required to submit a minimum 15 page research paper, with appropriate section headers, upon which your ELP is based and a5-7 page annotated bibliography, both of which must conform to established MLA standards of documentation. For the annotated bibliography, each annotation should take the form of a 3-4 sentence synopsis of the item which you have read. The synopsis should incorporate the author’s purpose, methods of research and conclusions/findings. Byfollowing that template, your bibliography must incorporate a minimum of 15 sources. Your final number of research sources can exceed this number but not be below it. Of these sources, 50 percent [50%] must be hard- copy items (can bein e-form), such as texts, scholarly peer-reviewed journals, periodicals, films, recordings, and the like; the other 50 percent can betaken directly from Internet sources (websites). Each reference in the Works Cited section of your paper must have a corresponding entry in the Annotated Bibliography.

If you find that you cannot complete your paper by its due date [i.e., the date of your ELP presentation], it is possible to receive a grade of incomplete (“I”) until the paper is submitted and graded. Incomplete grades are only issued in consultation and agreement with the course instructor, on an individual basis. A student with an Incomplete grade may not be able to continue with their coursework in the program and should contact their Advisor for clarification, based on the student’s individualized program plan. Those students with an “I” are reminded to adhere to the deadline date confirmed by the instructor to resolve the incomplete grade.

Example from LSENG 190: Research Techniques: A student might be a member of the armed forces. That student might want to learn more about post-traumatic stress disorder, and an ELP is essentially born. With this example, the student’s project would include a class presentation of a first-hand account/testimony with a military member afflicted with PTSD, with a power point and other audio-visual materials, as well as an accompanying research paper and annotated bibliography which would reflect the research that has been completed in preparation for the ELP presentation.

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