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Write a word 550 word narrative essay about a personal experience from your life, based on one of the topics listed below. Remember that a narrative tells a story about an event and usually includes dialogue of the people in the story. Think of it as telling a friend about something that happened. Then write it in correct form. Remember that this is the only essay where you will be allowed to use personal pronouns such as I and we. Be sure to read the assigned pages so you will understand how to write the essay. Also, there are examples in your textbook. Your essay should be at least 500 words long. Choose one of the following topics for your essay:

  1. a time that you were truly scared by something spooky or unexplainable
  2. a time when you became lost in a scary or funny situation
  3. a funny prank you pulled on someone
  4. your most embarrassing moment
  5. Points to Remember…
  6. ·
    is double spaced all the way through.

    are numbered consecutively from first page through Works Cited page.

    not do a separate Title Page.

    your paper an actual title and not just “…Essay.”

    you use information from any source, you must give credit to the source within
    the text of the paper, and you must also include the source on the Works Cited

    on the Works Cited page are listed in alphabetical order by the first word of
    the entries.

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