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Short Research Paper

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The topic will be Department of Defense Tricare program, and the VA program. Below are instructions in Detail: – Start out your paper with an Introduction section, which should include: a. An objective (for example, the objective of this paper is to provide an overview of the Medicare program and the rate of participation in it since 2018). b. Add a couple of sentences explaining why the program is important. – After the Introduction Section, proceed with a Background section, explaining what you program is, how it works, who and what is covered, how much it costs, etc. – After that, proceed with an Analysis section. You will need to research and collect data (existing data) that has been published by relevant sources, and explain what the data is showing. For example, you can go to Medicare’s website and collect data on the rates of participation (number of people in the program) on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis and explain how it has changed over time and what the latest (available to you) numbers are. You can add additional dimensions to your analysis if you wish, like this mane of the participant in Medicare in May of 2020 were 65 years of age and the rest of them were older than 65, etc. Feel free to publish/create however many graphs, charts, or tables you want. Please check out the following sources of data that you can use: provides data on Medicare and Medicaid provides data on the Children’s insurance program, which is affiliated with CMS. provides data on the VA system provides data on the Department of Defense’s Tricare system provides data from the Current Population Survey’s Health Insurance Coverage Tables this is the website of the Department of Health and Human Services’ which contains data related to health insurance. If you can’t find something on those sites, feel free to contact those agencies (the numbers should be listed on the websites I provided) and ask them to guide you to the data. – Finish your paper with a Concluding Remarks section, which provides a very broad overview of what you have done and what you have discovered in this paper (for example, this paper’s objective was …., it covered the Medicare program, I collected data from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which showed the following trends in the participation (the main take-away only). Remember, following an APA format. If you pick another one, be consistent. If you cite a source in the paper (even if it’s in a footnote), make sure to include it in your reference list.If you include it in the reference list, make sure you cited it in the paper.

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