Stephen King on writing

1. In the first section, titled “C.V.” or Curriculum Vitae, which means “life curriculum” or resume, King
discusses the relationship between personal experience and writing. What argument about that relationship
does King make? How has that relationship expressed itself in his life? Provide at least two examples.
How can his argument apply to academic writing?

2. Identify five writing tips that you take away from the second section, titled “Toolbox.” In what way is each tip
useful? Explain.

3. In section three, titled “On Writing,” King makes the following claim: “If you want to be a writer, you must do
two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot” (145). What are his reasons for making this claim?
Explain how this practice is evident in hisown life.

4. King uses the following metaphor to describe the writing process: “Write with the door closed, rewrite with
the door open” (209). Explain the metaphor as it applies to audience and discuss how this practice applies
to King’s own writing life and to writing in general.

5. Think about your own formative experiences in academic writing. What types of writing have been required
in school (any/all subjects) up to this point? Provide at least two concrete examples. What types of writing
do you do best? What do you feel are your strengths as an academic writer? Where do you feel you need
to improve?

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