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Systemic Review Assignment

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SYSTEMATIC REVIEW ASSIGNMENT Please use APA 7 as it was recently updated You will write a 3-page Systematic Review on a current trend or issue in the area of women’s health, maternity or neonatal care. For this systematic review you will need to select your topic by first doing a needs assessment. Where do you find a need within the current trends and issues in this area of healthcare? What current research is out there? Once you have determined the need, you will then develop a research question. You will need to answer the following questions in order to develop an appropriate research question: • Who? • What? • Where? • Why? • Example: o Who: Breastfeeding mothers o What: Racial disparities o Where: United States o Why: lack of patient educational resources o Research question: Are racial disparities among breastfeeding mothers in the United States due to the lack of patient educational resources? You will conduct a search of the literature by selecting at least two databases that contain research related to your topic and retrieve 3 peer-reviewed research articles to help develop to your research question. You will then summarize the research and address any gaps that you noted in the literature. In the introduction to your paper you need to include the names of databases and search terms used in your search of the literature. My Topic: Who? Neonatal What? Adverse pregnancy outcomes Where? United States Why? Ambient Pollution Research Question: Are adverse pregnancy outcomes among the neonatal population in the United States due to ambient air pollution exposure during gestation?

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