Walden 4115 Discussion #5

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Walden 4115 Discussion #5

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Discussion: Cultural Considerations in Nursing Many factors influence maternal health. In many countries, an unacceptable number of women die in childbirth or shortly after giving birth. As discussed by Dr. Leslie Mancuso in this week’s first media presentation, culture and religious beliefs influence childbirth practices. ****To prepare for this Discussion: ****Review Case 6, “Saving Mothers’ Lives in Sri Lanka.” Review Dr. Mancuso’s comments on cultural beliefs that influence maternal health. In addition, consider the following questions: –What cultural and historical features of Sri Lanka contributed to the success of the country’s maternal health program? —What are some assumptions that a person might make about you based on your appearance or cultural background? All cultural diversity is not about ethnicity, religious affiliation, or traditional backgrounds. When you consider what cultural issues affect you and/or your community, think about whether you represent diversity of another kind, such as; rural versus urban, east coast versus west coast, employed in a small hospital versus a large research center, or providing nursing practice to young versus elderly, acute care versus clinic care or mental health care. Each of these “types”” of diversity contribute to you as a person and how you practice nursing. —How might that affect the nursing care you receive? —What cultural information would you want a nurse or doctor to know about you? —What would you want a health promotion program to include that addresses a health concern for your cultural or ethnic community? RESOURCES AND RESOURCE LINK Levine

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