Child Soldiers and Terrorism.

Guideline for this research paper:

  • Subsections and headers between each section
  • 20 – 21 pages, including abstract page
  • Title page
  • Paper needs logic
  • At least 20 references (10 as listed on here and 10 on your own) – work cited sheet (refer to international studies quarterly citation style)

Title page – title and name

1 page – abstract ONLY 150 words- A. Main Thesis B. Theory C. Findings D. optional: policy recommendations

ONLY 1 page – introduction (single or multiples paragraphs) A. Main Thesis B. attention grabber (real example?)

At least 4 pages – Literature Review: 20 sources – all related (10 books from the listed ones, and 10 outside sources) Combine and synthesize 20 resources, how does your argument relate? How is it different from the other sources?

At least 5 pages – Theory : Making theoretical claim

At least 4 Research design subsection

At least 5 pages – Empirical Evidence: at least 3 case studies, qualitative case studies or statistical analysis, or both

Only 1 page – Conclusion: Summary, findings, policy recommendations

Work Cited Pages

The first 10 required books for this research.

  1. Shapiro, Jacob. 2013. The Terrorist’s Dilemma. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Rosen,
  2. David. 2012. Child Soldiers. Santa Babara: ABC-CLIO.
  3. Staniland, Paul. 2014. Networks of Rebellion. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.
  4. Singer, P.W. 2006. Children at War. Berkeley: University of California Press.
  5. Özerdem, Alpaslan and Sukanya Podder. Eds. 2011. Child Soldiers: From Recruitment to Reintegration. New York: Palgrave.
  6. Wessells, Michael. 2006. Child Soldiers: From Violence to Protection. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.
  7. Honwana, Alcindi. 2006. Child Soldiers in Africa. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.
  8. Jal, Emmanuel. 2009. War Child. New York: St. Martin’s.
  9. Beah, Ishmael. 2007. A Long Way Gone. New York: Sarah Crichton Books.
  10. McDonnell, Faith and Grace Akallo. 2007. Girl Soldier. Grand Rapids: Chosen.

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