Compare Qualitative and Quantitative Research

1. write 200-300 words

(a)Describe four types of methods that could be used for qualitative research? 

Please note: though your text starts off with a discussion about “sampling” do not be confused – sampling is not a separate method for qualitative research so do not list it as one of your four methods. In real research usually we cannot collect information on the entire population of interest so we must study samples. Sampling takes place in both qualitative and quantitative research studies.)

(b)Compare qualitative and quantitative research. What are the advantages and disadvantages of qualitative research as compared to quantitative research?

(c)How might you see qualitative and quantitative methods combined in a research study?

2. Write 200-300 words

What essential characteristics distinguish a true experiment from other research designs? What ethical problems do you see in conducting experiments with humans?

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