Contraband Detection and Control

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Contraband Detection and Control

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4/1/2020 2:16:31 PM

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For this writing assignment, it is important that students adhere to APA guidelines. This assignment will be graded not only on content, but also on grammar, structure, and for plagiarism. Your essays need to be typed, double-spaced, and use a 12 pt. Times New Roman font. The Policy Section of the paper is a space where you will discuss the implications of what you’ve learned in your literature reviews. No matter what your topic is, you will have discovered that the literature on it discusses some dimensions of policy, and here I would like you to talk about that. You need not go into every possible policy ramification, so allow me to share some advice on what you should do. The purpose here is for you to answer a very simple question: What should we do? Maybe we are doing something that we should stop or slow down on. Maybe you found evidence of some policy that exists that should be continued or expanded. It is also possible that we should do something entirely different that we’ve never tried. The point is that your topic contains consequences and problems, and this section is where you talk about solutions to those. As before, you have discretion in how you tackle this, but a few requirements do exist. They are: 1: Find SIX NEW SOURCES to utilize for the policy conversation. Unlike the literature review, these sources do not need to be academic, peer-reviewed articles (though they can be). This means that I will be expecting at least 12 unique sources to appear in your bibliography, half of which must be from peer-reviewed, academic journals. 2: Using all of your source material, describe to me the policy problem (s) that you wish to discuss. 1: Tell me AT LEAST TWO potential solutions to the problem. These can be things we have already tried that you learned about but they can also be proposals that you make for new efforts based on what you have learned. You can also discuss more than two things. 2: Make a Recommendation for what we should do. Given the available options, which is/are the best? 3: Tell me the rational for your recommendation. Think of it this way: this section asks four questions. What is the problem here? What are our options for dealing with this? Which option is best? Why is that option the best? If you answer those questions, you’ve done your job. THIS SECTION SHOULD BE 7-8 PAGES IN LENGTH NOT INCLUDING COVER PAGES, ABSTRACTS, or BIBLIOGRAPHY It should also contain in-text citations and a bibliography. REMEMBER: only text in the body counts for length. No abstracts or title pages. Use citations when appropriate.

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