Defending a Thesis

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Defending a Thesis

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9/4/2020 7:22:57 PM

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In this course you will be writing discussion posts based on a research topic of your choosing. In the discussion posts you will be arguing for a thesis. So, for example if you are arguing for God’s existence you could argue: 1. If something begins to exist it has a cause 2. The universe began to exist 3. Therefore, the universe has a cause. 4. If the universe has a cause, it can be personal or impersonal. (skipping some steps here) . . . 6. The cause of the universe cannot be impersonal 7. Therefore the cause of the universe must be personal Most of your arguments will not be this long. But your job after you post this sort of argument will be to defend the numbered statements (premises) one at a time – in paragraph form. Regarding your research topic- you will discuss something with objective answers to it. So, nothing like which makeup is the best, or which ice cream is the tastiest, or which sports team is the best, or what is the best way to arrange furniture. You must choose a topic that has a real answer to it. We do not need to know what the answer is but there must be an answer. For example, does God exist? Is there a soul? Is happiness the only thing that is important in life? Is virtue more valuable than pleasure? Is it ever ok to lie? Is animal testing permissible? Should recreational use of drugs be legal? Is prostitution wrong? Should we be permitted to clone humans? Is there a hell? Is torture ever permissible? Is abortion permissible? Does surrogacy amount to selling human beings? Is there free-will? Is morality objective? Is there really a persistent self? Is time an illusion? Is everything determined? Are there laws of nature? Can consciousness be physical? If the world is physical, how does morality fit in? What does it mean for something to exist? Can there be evil and a good God? Does religion poison the mind of the young? Can the elegant detailed features of the universe be explained without God? Do science and religion conflict? Is it ok to fire someone who is doing a good job because you would prefer someone else more? When is it ok to fire an employee? Are there human rights? What is justice? What is knowledge? Should Euthanasia be legal? Is war ever justified? Is killing ever justifiable? Is life intrinsically valuable? Does morality reduce to power? Should doctors be allowed to take money from pharmaceutical companies? Is there such a thing as a persistent stable moral character? These types of questions would be good. Your question does not need to be of this type

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