Final Case Study

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Final Case Study

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Political Science

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Case Study

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This will be the final project for the class. Students are to identify a past, current or potential international conflict. This assignment allows the students to apply the theories and ideas learned during class to analyze a situation. It also encourages students to extend their knowledge by researching an international conflict. All situations briefs should include: a brief history of the dispute. an analysis of the causes of the conflict and how it relates to class material. If it is a resolved conflict, the briefing should include: an explanation of how the conflict was resolved and how it relates to class material a brief explanation of the current situation an analysis of the current situation. Are the underlying issues resolved or are they still simmering? Why or why not? Will conflict recur? Why or why not? If it is an existing conflict, the briefing should include: an explanation of efforts to resolve the conflicts and how it relates to class material an analysis of what it will take to resolve the conflict base on material from class If it is a potential conflict, the briefing should include: an analysis of why this will become an international conflict based on class materials an analysis of what would be required to prevent the conflict based on class materials. Note: This requires an analysis of the situation. The analysis must be based on facts with citations. This is not an opinion piece. You can choose any international conflict but if elected me to decide I would choose Palestine and Israels conflict ongoing in the middle east

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