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Chapter 6 Review

  • Year of the OSH Act.
  • What does OSHA stand for?
  • When is an employer exempt from OSHA compliance?
  • What does NIOSH stand for?
  • What is a variance?
  • OSHA’a first step in adopting a standard.
  • What kind of form does OSHA require employers to uphold?
  • Poster posted in employer’s facility visible for all employees.
  • Employer rights.
  • Employee rights.
  • What is negligence?
  • What is a tort?

Chapter 7

  • Objectives of worker compensation.
  • Who is covered under worker compensation?
  • When are benefits owed?
  • Can the employee still work while on temporary partial disability?

Chapter 8

  • Know what “who, what, when, where, why and how” is used for during an investigation
  • Who is typically used on the investigative team?
  • The first thing that should be done when conducting an investigation.
  • Near miss incidents.

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