Kevin’s Application to Texas Tech Professional MBA

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Kevin’s Application to Texas Tech Professional MBA

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10/2/2020 2:34:55 PM

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10/04/2020 23:59


Application Essay

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Complete 3 short essays. Please submit all 3 essays on one document. Each essay must be 150 words or less in length. Essay 1: Projecting several years from now, what would you hope is the most significant attribute(s) you can bring to a corporation, organization, or society? In what way to plan to operationalize that attribute? (150 words or less) Essay 2: Completion of the Master’s degree for the MBA program can be accomplished in just over two years. Texas Tech Rawls College of Business has solved the logistical challenges of being able to meet face to face with faculty throughout the program, however much of the program work is self-directed while away from the college. With the additional burden of full-time work and personal obligations, what barriers and challenges do you foresee, and how will you overcome increased demands from this program over the next couple years?” (150 words or less) Essay 3: What does the admissions committee need to know while considering your application? Tell us the part of your story that is not in the application documents. (no word or length requirement) ____________________________________________________________________________ Kevin’s Background: I have always had a passion for making a difference

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