unit 8 CONTROVERSIES IN PSYCHOLOGY – COUNTERPOINT, psychology homework help



A hallmark of a critical thinker is the willingness and ability to actively seek out and understand points of view and information different from one’s own. Considering a broader range of knowledge to carefully think through problems and come to logical conclusions and effective applications and solutions are hallmarks of effective critical thinkers.

In this discussion, present a counterargument that you have found to your position. So that learners do not have to refer back to a previous discussion, repeat your topic and position. Next, present the counterargument. Support the counterargument with evidence from a scholarly source.

In your discussion, include:

  • Your topic.
  • The working title of your paper.
  • Your position and thesis.
  • A counterargument to your thesis or argument.
  • Evidence for the counterargument (include in-text citations).
  • Reference for your source (or sources).

Response Guidelines

After posting your main post, be sure to respond to at least two learners’ posts during the week. Please note that to earn full credit for your discussion, you must participate on two separate days and post a minimum of one reply on each of those two days. Comment on themes raised in the posts of other learners, and pose questions to move the discussion forward.

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