Complete Student Success Discussion Post

Is This Cheating?

You will see 9 mini-scenarios. In each scenario, you will read about a student in a course who is engaging in some type of behavior. Your job is to determine if the student’s actions are cheating, not cheating, or “it depends.”

  1. Create a list from 1-9, and after each number, write your determination (cheating, not cheating, it depends).
  2. If you write “it depends” – you must explain your reasoning.
  3. Then select ONE of the 9 answers that was “cheating” and explain why it was cheating.



1.Ana is taking an online psychology class. The instructions for the exams indicate that the test is “open book/open note.” Yet the exam has a time limit of two hours. She takes her test with two computers open – one has her notes and the book on it, and the other one is used to access the test. Is this cheating?

2.Bob and Brenda discovered through the discussion forum that they are in the same city. They decided that they will go to the local coffee shop to take their economics midterm exam which is “open book/open note.” The exam has a time limit of two hours. On a few of the questions, Bob and Brenda discussed the questions, compared their notes, and agreed upon an answer before submitting their test responses. Is this cheating?

3.Collette wrote a paper in sociology class and wanted to use part of it in her psychology class. She copied and pasted the portion she had written in the sociology paper. She then continued to write more content in the psychology paper around the pasted portion. Is this cheating?

4.Diana is not the best writer, and even though she is working with a tutor every week, there are still times that her written thoughts are not clear to others. When she is writing essay responses on an exam, she calls her mother over to read her responses and edit her paragraphs so that her writing is clear. Is this cheating?

5.Eduardo uses the online library to gather sources for his research paper. The paper requires citations in APA format. There is a button that Eduardo can click that provides the APA citation, so instead of writing the citation himself, he clicks the button and copies/pastes the citation into his paper. Is this cheating?

6.Frank is taking the same business class that his girlfriend took last term. She gave him all her notes and papers. Frank reads her papers and the instructor’s comments before writing his own papers. He uses her notes along with his own notes for the “open book/open note” exams. Is this cheating?

7.George is writing a paper for his environmental science course. While researching fossil fuels, he reads each paragraph in the source (article or webpage), then closes the article and writes down what he remembers without looking back at the source. Because he is working from his own memory, he does not cite the sources. Is this cheating?

8.Howard does not type well – he uses the “hunt and peck” method. The exams in his courses are timed, and they are closed book, closed note. During the midterm exam, he gets through most of the questions, but because of his poor typing skills, he discovers he is running out of time and he still needs to answer two more short-answer questions. With just one minute left, he takes note of the final two questions, and then time expires. He calls the I.T. desk and reports that his computer stopped during the exam period. He gets confirmation of that work ticket for his instructor. Meanwhile, he starts typing answers to the final two questions from the exam so he can also submit those to his professor, along with the I.T. work request ticket. Is this cheating?

9.Iris has no idea what to do for her poetry analysis paper. She doesn’t understand the terms or how they apply to the poem. In fact, she doesn’t understand the message of the poem. She “googles” the poem and finds several places where she can purchase an essay on the topic. She buys one of the papers, and then tries to insert her own words and thoughts into the purchased paper before submitting it. Is this cheating?

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